How Storytelling Helps Content Marketing

How Storytelling Helps Content Marketing

Storytelling & Marketing

Humans are attracted to interesting, relatable and compelling stories. Consumers long for a connection with the products and services they purchase; they like to know that a company’s values align with their own. Audiences enamour movies and television shows all over the world because they are attracted to the stories they tell. In this sense of thinking, the best way to entice new consumers is to devise marketing schemes that tell stories. Here are a few ways storytelling can help improve your marketing campaigns:


Express Your Character


The personality of your company differentiates you from several other players in your industry. Memorable commercials and advertisements are not remembered by the products they’re selling, but the production value and the quality of the stories they tell. Through storytelling, you can communicate the values, morals, charisma and humour that your company proudly illustrates. Your personality is a significant component in establishing an audience. Being a wallflower won’t work as a company; you want to be seen, heard and understood; creating stories that can be recalled in social conversations will prove worthy for your brand and future success.


Reach An Emotional Level


When creating advertisements and commercials, the primary objective is to reach an emotional level with your audience. Creating stories that everyday people can associate with will induce feelings of happiness, sadness, amazement, or under the right circumstances, anger or vigilance.


A starting point for creating stories that reach an emotional level is to use real-life examples of people using your products or services to better themselves or society. Success stories, transformation stories and inspirational tales are wonderful starting points for marketers but ensure that they are factual and that you are extremely transparent in your storytelling; you could damage your reputation by claiming a story is true if it is not. Also, ensure you have the rights to use a customer’s story before devising a marketing campaign.


Leave Your Customers Wanting More


When devising marketing campaigns, it is important to remember people are more interested in stories than numbers and stats. Proclaiming how great your products are & describing how many people are trying your products and services will only go so far. People want to see your products connected to real-world scenarios and want to envision themselves in your advertisements. When you create an ad think about television shows that keep audiences watching and wanting more. The more artistic, creative, and unique your advertisements are the more attention you will receive, even from individuals outside of your target audience.  As quickly as you can interest your target audience, you can bore them just as quickly. When you don’t captivate your audience, they will ignore your ad by either changing the channel or paying no attention to it, which could be costly for your company’s success.


Storytelling is the driving force behind efficient marketing campaigns. Be sure to express your character, speak to your consumers on an emotional level, and leave your audience wanting more from you.