Things to Consider When Creating a Logo for Your Company

Things to Consider When Creating a Logo for Your Company

Your logo is the face of your company; it will be showcased on nearly all your business items spanning from business cards, pamphlets, social media pages and websites. Your logo will help make a consumer’s first impression with your company a pleasant one and can help drive more business to your company. Every company logo in the world is a unique creation that is distinguishable and attractive, and it is important that you capture the essence of your company in this one image. Here are a few things to consider when creating a logo:

In-Depth Consumer Analysis

When creating your logo, you should audit your company and the target audience you wish to captivate. Establish your company’s values and the beliefs that you envision are most important for your company to demonstrate. Upon doing so, you need to create a scheme that highlights the educational and financial circumstances of your target audience and cater a message into your logo that speaks directly to them. For example, the usage of hands in logos often symbolizes actions of giving and charity, by lending a “helping hand.”

Beware of Trends

Colour schemes and design choices (patterns, fonts, etc.) fluctuate in terms of their popularity; stylistic choices that may be popular now may fade off into obscurity in 6 months’ time. It is important to exercise patience when creating your logo and create an idea that will sustain its ingenuity and originality for years to come. Many logo design companies will create trendy logos to initially impress their client but are faced with the realization that it lacks a present-day feel. They then find it necessary to upgrade down the line which can be a costly expenditure considering any utilization of your old logo will be out of date.

Design It Originally in Black and White

This is a good practice to follow in logo creation; any logo that is impressive should be able to stand out by itself without colour. Your logo may appear in newspapers, photocopies, and fax messages, so a logo that stands out regardless of its colour scheme is sure to capture the attention of your prospective audience.

Keep It Simple If You Can

Consumers pick up on imagery and visuals that are simple and easy to understand. When images become cluttered with flair and other excess designs it can be difficult for consumers to understand the message or decipher it from other similar logos. The more streamlined you can design your logo the easier it will be for consumers to pick it out and recognize it from a brief look. Think of all the most memorable logos in the world; Coca Cola, Nike and Adidas. They have all adopted the simplistic and minimalistic style that is recognizable to consumers a split second after seeing them.

Inspire Yourself

The worst mistake a company can make while creating a logo is designing one for just the sake of having one. Take your time with it, study your industry, look for inspiration through different mediums (movies, magazines, billboards), freehand design with rough sketches and do everything you can to improve on your ideas until you find a design that fits your company’s model.