4 Things Every Customer Wants to Know About Your Company

4 Things Every Customer Wants to Know About Your Company

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The internet has made it more accessible than ever to find the exact product or service you need. The benefit of having products shipped directly to your home or business has made companies like Amazon and eBay popular amongst consumers and have drawn thousands of shoppers away from physical retail stores. As a beginning business, with little brand awareness or visibility, it is vital that you establish yourself as a company that prioritizes customer’s needs & concerns. Here are four things that every customer wants to know about your company before shopping with you:


You Don’t Sell to Customers; You Sell for Them

Loyalty and support from consumers are formed when they find a company that provides them with more than a product or service; consumers want to build connections with the places they shop. Consumers aren’t looking for a company that is looking for an easy sale; any company can do that. Work alongside your customers, provide them with products/services they need to reach personal goals and celebrate in their successes. Demonstrate you care about your customer’s overall happiness, and you will begin to build relationships with your target audience.


You Are Self-Confident in Your Products/Services

A significant component in operating a successful company is possessing the confidence that your products/services will make a difference in the lives of your consumers. Regardless of the industry, you’re in; chances are, there is formidable competition striving to take your customers; therefore, when you are selling your product or service, you must be 100% confident that your offerings will deliver the desired results. Provide your customers with a guarantee to demonstrate your willingness to provide excellent customer service. Nobody will want to invest their time & money into your offerings if you downplay their effects and benefits; believe in yourself and the products you are providing.


You Listen Until the Customer Has Nothing Left to Say

Rarely do you see a company that is more interested in addressing consumer comments & questions rather than closing a sale. When a customer approaches your company with a background story or anecdote, be sure to listen intently and refrain from interjecting with a sales pitch, as customers can tell when you’re no longer paying attention and only care about finalizing a deal. When the customer has finished talking, you can then make product/service recommendations to provide them with optimal service. Your customer base is directly responsible for recruiting new potential customers to your business through WOM marketing (word-of-mouth), so if you ensure they have a satisfactory visit while at your workplace, you’ll appear favourable for future visits.


You Are Transparent While Completing Their Transactions

Transparency is recommended in each facet of a business. However, its importance cannot be overstated in the checkout process. Avoid burdening your customers with hidden fees, upselling and add-ons. Recommending potential upgrades or add-ons can be beneficial while discussing options with a customer, but as soon as their mind has been settled on a purchase, inform them of the total price and leave it at that.